2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Evolves With Gorgeous Eyes And Improved Tech

The Stelvio is one of two Alfa Romeo vehicles sold in the United States. While still flaunting a four-year-old design and platform, it happens to be one of the sexiest SUVs in the compact luxury segment. Alfa Romeo A mid-cycle upgrade has been made for the international specification version of the Stelvio.

Unlike the US-spec 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio, this international-spec model comes with the new headlight package we’re used to. Stelvio adds even more freshness to the exterior visual aspect, getting a unique new Competizione model.

The interior isn’t left unattended, as the updated Stelvio is packed with top-notch tech features and uses NFT technology. The dashboard also flaunts a larger gauge cluster and a refreshing new interface.

The mid-life refreshed 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio hasn’t shipped to the US yet, but will launch across the pond early next year. If the new-faced Stelvio comes to America, it will continue to compete with the likes of the Porsche Macan, Genesis GV70, BMW X3 and Volvo XC60.

The international-spec 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio gets an ideal makeover with Tonale-style LED headlights, clever NFT injection technology and a cool new Competizione model.

Updated 2023 Stelvio design inspired by Alfa Romeo Tonale

Close up view of new LED headlamps of Alfa Romeo Stelvio updated mid-2023
Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo has decided to highlight unique exterior design elements in its lineup. That’s why the mid-life refreshed Stelvio comes with cool new LED headlamps derived from the Tonale SUV. It features a three-pot design flanked by angry-looking DRLs.

In addition to the added visuals, the new headlamps are packed with cool tech features. It comes with “Adaptive Front Lighting Technology” that actively changes the lighting projectiles based on driving conditions.

Next up is “Glare-Free High Beam Segmentation Technology,” which helps not blind oncoming traffic. The new Stelvio headlamps also come with a “welcome and goodbye” function, which turns the headlamps on when the driver enters or leaves the vehicle.

Other exterior tweaks include an updated front grille and front air intake surrounds. The rear fascia gets a subtle upgrade in the form of smoke-colored LED taillights.

New 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio interior has a ‘big screen’ cockpit

A close-up view of the new 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio's new dashboard
Alfa Romeo

The international-spec 2023 Stelvio also gets a significant interior upgrade in the form of a larger, new 12.3-inch TFT instrument cluster. It elevates the cockpit experience to the modern era. Adding even more drama are three new themes – Evolution, Relaxation and Legacy.

The “Evolution” theme has a futuristic and sporty layout. The “Relax” theme has a calming approach and minimal layout. The ‘Heritage’ theme takes on a nostalgic style, with visual cues inspired by Alfa Romeos of the 60s and 70s. Other than that, other minor updates are limited to upholstery options.

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New Alfa Romeo Stelvio gets even more secure with NFT tech

2023 Mid-Year Updated Alfa Romeo Stelvio Interior View
Alfa Romeo

Another feature of the Alfa Romeo Tonale is the technical functionality of the infusion of NFTs. First seen in Tonale’s car, this feature uses the tamper-resistant capabilities of NFTs to store various important and confidential information about the car or car owner in encrypted digital registers.

This provides a higher level of confidence and assurance, and will also make things like buying a used car simpler. Another cool tech feature of Stelvio is the Human Machine Interface (HMI). This helps the car use artificial intelligence to understand how passengers are using various in-car features and simplify things even further.

Adding even more technology to the 2023 Stelvio is the “Alfa Connect Service”. This provides a more connected approach, such as controlling headlights and climate control via a smartphone. Also, with OTA updates, technical issues can be easily resolved.

Stelvio Trims just got simpler with mid-2023 update

2023 mid-year updated Alfa Romeo Stelvio rear fascia view
Alfa Romeo

The US-Spec 2023 Stelvio is unchanged from last year and continues to be offered in five trim levels. But the international-spec Stelvio has been pared down to just two trims — the Sprint and Veloce. We’re sure Alfa Romeo will add a revised package of performance and visual enhancements to make up for the lack of trim levels.

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New 2023 Stelvio features competition model, even more special

2023 mid-life updated Alfa Romeo Stelvio back row third season HD wallpaper view
Alfa Romeo

In order for the world to really take notice of the updated Stelvio, Alfa Romeo has added a new special Competizione model. It is an aesthetically enhanced model based on the sporty Veloce trim level.

The exterior is painted in a cool-toned matte moonlight grey, which contrasts with the black wheels and red brake calipers. The model also gets a “Competizione” badge on the fenders to highlight its uniqueness.

Close-up view of 2023 mid-year refreshed Alfa Romeo Stelvio Competizione custom headrests
Alfa Romeo

The interior also features subtle unique touches such as “Competizione” headrest badges, a black leather-wrapped instrument panel and seats with contrasting red stitching, and a premium Harman-Kardon sound system.

New 2023 Stelvio engine and performance unchanged

2023 mid-year refreshed Alfa Romeo Stelvio Competizione first three quarters acceleration view
Alfa Romeo

There are no performance tweaks to the new Stelvio. International-spec models continue to be offered with a 280-horsepower gasoline engine or a 210-horsepower diesel engine. If the mid-life refreshed Stelvio launches in the U.S., it will continue to feature a sporty 280-horsepower four-cylinder engine, which is also shared with the Giulia sedan. Power is sent to the rear or all wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission.

When will the newly updated 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio come to the US?

Close-up view of front wheel of 2023 mid-year updated Alfa Romeo Stelvio Competizione
Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is currently mum on the details of the U.S. launch of this updated Stelvio. Plus, the 2023 Stelvio is already on sale here, and mostly free compared to last year’s model. So our best bet is that Alfa Romeo will launch it as a silent mid-year upgrade by mid-2023. But for now, from February 2023, people will be able to buy the 2023 Stelvio with a gorgeous new look.

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