10 Most Exciting Greentech Companies for 2022

While tech giants like Apple, HP, Microsoft, Dell and Tesla continue to have a reputation for using green technology to be as environmentally friendly as possible, the most exciting companies in 2022 tend to be aspiring newer, smaller start-up brands Like a big and ethical compass in their efforts to be self-sufficient and sustainable.

Whether providing goods and services related to food consumption, waste, pollution, electric vehicles, clean water, or other important factors that encourage environmentalism, the best green tech companies in 2022 can make a direct impact on consumers.

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10/10 inspired

Founded in 2013, Inspire continues to build on its strong reputation as one of the leading green tech brands focused on delivering 100% clean energy to consumers. Paid services allow homeowners to get rid of the fossil fuels that have been harmful to the environment in the past and live as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Those who sign up will enjoy reliable and renewable solar, wind and hydro power without emitting any greenhouse gases.

By leading the planet toward a net-zero carbon future, Inspire has reduced its consumers’ potential carbon pollution by 5 million pounds and, according to its website, provides energy-saving services equivalent to the impact of a full year of recycling (x7), daily walks to work (x4) , vegetarian (x5), switch to a hybrid car (x2). So, Inspire is sure to change the way consumers think about clean energy in 2022.

9/10 Home Biogas

In addition to carbon dioxide, methane is a harmful greenhouse gas that continues to damage the health of the environment. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2019, HomeBiogas has become a major player in the green tech space, converting methane into an eco-friendly gas for consumers to use at home. It is an ideal technology product for promoting health and safety.

Unlike simple composting units that require organic biodegradable materials, the HomeBiogas system can also convert meat and dairy products into sustainable gas. Using 100% recyclable materials, HomeBiogas uses an innovative process that uses methanogens to digest household waste, creating not only cooking gas but also liquid fertilizer for the garden. This is a great way for consumers to reduce their own household waste and turn it into a useful and harmless alternative.

8/10 Pera

Food waste is a major barrier to environmental health. Founded in 2010 to address such issues, Pela has made undeniable progress in promoting environmental health by 2022. Whether it’s the brand’s compostable Pela phone case, which no longer relies on plastic, or Lomi, an electric kitchen composter that lets consumers reduce organic waste in their homes, Pela makes a difference by offering products designed to reduce billions of tons of kitchen waste.

Pela has reportedly developed a detailed and focused sustainability strategy that has avoided thousands of pounds of food waste, and according to its website, Lomi can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 100-230 kilograms per year and reduce harmful greenhouse The gas is converted into nutrients available to plants within 24 hours.

7/10 tap water

Clean water is one of the biggest issues facing the planet’s future. Those without access to clean water often buy from plastic water bottles, which often end up in the ocean and affect multiple ecosystems. To help solve this problem, Tapp Water was founded in 2016 to allow consumers to install water filtration systems on their faucets at affordable prices.

According to its website, Tapp Water uses activated carbon technology to eliminate more than 100 harmful substances in its water supply, including scale. The ultra-advanced microfiltration system lasts for 3 months and has become the ideal way to get clean fresh water as soon as possible in 2022.

6/10 after harvest

According to fao.org, about 1.3 billion tons of fresh fruit and vegetables are wasted in the supply chain each year, equivalent to about $680 billion in losses. To reverse this trend, PostHarvest, a green tech company, has created an electronic sensor to monitor the maturity of food in large warehouses, which can save up to 45% of food that would normally spoil on the shelf.

It’s an exciting interactive technology where sensors detect ethylene and other chemicals released into the atmosphere when fruits and vegetables are ripe enough to be eaten. The jury is still out on whether the PostHarvest sensor will be popular long-term, but it is one of the most innovative green technologies to be discovered in 2022.

5/10 Telephone

Given the ubiquity of smartphones and the harmful elements and materials required to make them, such as mercury, lead, arsenic, beryllium, and more, now is the time for companies to develop eco-friendly alternatives. The company is called Fairphone, a Dutch electronics manufacturer that creates “mobile phones that care about people and the planet,” according to its website.

Affordable, efficient, long-lasting (5-year warranty), and 5G ready, Fairphone 4 is the best eco-friendly alternative to iPhone and Android. With recyclable, responsibly sourced, conflict-free materials, Fairphone 4 is the only smartphone maker with a Fairtrade Gold Standard to demonstrate its environmentalism. As such, it’s one of the most affordable phones without compromising on camera quality.

4/10 spark charging

If Tesla’a makes and models and other EV brands continue to help the world move away from gasoline-engine cars, transportation will play a vital role in the future health of the planet. Knowing this, Sparkcharge was founded in 2017 to make electric vehicle driving more accessible, convenient and affordable.

As the first company to create an electric vehicle charging network system, Sparkcharge has built on-demand charging stations for people to use at different locations. Even more exciting, the company offers Roadie, a portable charging system that allows EV drivers to charge their vehicles anytime, anywhere.

3/10 molecular

Indoor air quality has been a source of concern for environmentalists around the world. Molekule, a green tech company founded in 2014 with the goal of providing clean, healthy air to everyone around the world, has created a product called the Air Pro, a highly efficient purifier ideal for personal and industrial use . Every smart homeowner should automate their living space with one.

Molekule’s Air Pro purifier not only captures harmful pollutants, but destroys them completely with its patented PECO technology, providing the cleanest, healthiest air quality in your home. Using the app, consumers can track indoor air quality in 5-minute increments and compare statistics for up to 4 weeks in the past. Most importantly, Molekule is designed to purify the air quality in public places such as hospitals, businesses, transportation stations, etc.

2/10 face drive

Founded in 2016, Facedrive is an eco-friendly ride-sharing alternative to rivals like Uber and Lyft. The brand promotes environmental responsibility and can be used for transportation, food delivery, and even medical emergencies. What makes it so exciting is how it lets drivers and passengers make their own ethical decisions about their carbon footprint, as it relates to traffic and greenhouse gas emissions.

When riding with Facedrive, customers can choose to ride in a hybrid or electric vehicle. There are also bonuses for drivers who drive hybrid or electric vehicles. More notably, Facedrive actively planted trees to neutralize their carbon footprint.

1/10 lettuce growing

As the climate continues to change, the land dries up and it becomes more difficult to maintain farming, green tech companies like lettuce farming will become increasingly important. Founded in 2017, Lettuce Grow created The Farmstand, a self-sufficient and sustainable hydroponic gardener that stands vertically to avoid taking up large areas of ground.

To provide everyone with a sustainable source of food without increasing environmental costs, the self-watering and self-fertilizing Farmstand is ideal for those who live in nutrient-poor food deserts or simply don’t have enough land to grow an outdoor garden. Thanks to Lettuce Grow, Farmstand is an exciting green technology that could easily be the wave of the future.

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